(corrections later)

The teacher sweeps the blackboard. He nod. Rex walks between the two rows to the front of the classroom. He is nervous. The subject of his speech could finish at the end in an unacceptable way. He drops his mouth cap on the table.
‘So, underwear away from my mouth.’
Chuckle sounds in his audience.
‘Before I start it must be clear: I want no discussion at the end. What I say is my opinion. Only in case of not to be clear you can question me.’
He start to look for a chalk and draws two parallel lines in the middle of the bord. Between that lines he writes DIGITAL . All the eyes of the classmates are focused on him. His image: not afraid for anything in their eyes, as he knows. Also they see him as an expert in the digital world. Maybe they think that he will give information about 5G.
‘In this room we all are for a moment the world. Choose a country for yourself. A place to go or a culture you are interested in. No do not need to tell. Later you will hear from me why I ask this. As soon as you make your choice you can dream away or listen to me.’
It start to be churning. The teacher looks at the students but does not say anything. It takes time before silence returns.
Freedom. Last weekend I saw live streams of huge demonstrations in Berlin and London. People were shouting for freedom. I repeat: shouting for freedom! In the west they say we have democracy. But why do people go with hundred thousands or more than a million on the street shouting for freedom! Think. First I did not understand all of this. Visited many sites hungry for information.’
He turns to the blackboard.
‘Bullshit! They fuck us all the time!’
Different reactions in the classroom from nodding to titter.
‘Suddenly I could see the whole picture. From that moment it was not difficult to collect the small pieces. Waking up as some people say. After last Sunday I awaked very wide. Why? Well think what happened in the last months.’
He looks a short moment to the teacher. Not long ago the man called him somebody who seem to be think-lazy.
‘Also because in the daily news on tv, nothing what I saw in the two cities. I thought: permanent they piss off the information. They keep things away from us. Limited news, just give want they want that I think, we think. O.k., a long time I doubt about many things. Fake news, conspiracy, you know that. Now I know better. When so much people ask for freedom? They locked us as in a war. Months after months pumping fear into our bodies. Bullshit. Fuck off. They say they want to protect us agains an invisible enemy but they are the enemy by themselves! Because, what did I find out? Most of the countries in the world do exactly the same. Very strange. Every day in the media talking about ‘the new normal’. That is not normal. Coordination. That smells very very dirty.
Rex walks to the bord and he write above the first line: ??????
‘No idea who they are but this rich group of people donate countries and in return the honchos take measures. Everywhere the same: social distance, washing hands and wearing a mouth cap. I thought:
washing hands is for the show, keeping distance could be for digital tracing of people in the future and the mouth cap is a symbol: you have to keep your mouth. If not, we punish you strong.’
The teacher fiddles with his cap and looks at a paper in front of him. Rex writes under the second line: SHEEP.
‘Sheep, in all countries in the world. So we are. And they are training us for a behavior as tame sheep. This group above us – he point with the chalk on the ?????? , will know exactly what we are doing, all the time.’
The silence in the classroom is creepy. The sound of somebody who cough seem to be more loud than normal.
‘The digital world, that is the now the crucial area. If the connection between ?????? and the SHEEP is made we are the rest of our lives chained to them. They can do with us want they want. But it is not so far yet. We have a little time. Everything moves as they plan it. First climate, now the virus. Maybe even faster. The media helps. They create chaos and fear by the people day by day by day by day.’
A boy who always have a big mouth raise his hand.
‘I am almost there.’
Rex looks short at the board before he continue:
‘What does that mean, te be a sheep? I think we are not human beings anymore. All at the infusion. A sort of nave-string. Away, completely away is our freedom.’
He draws vertical lines from ?????? through DIGITAL WORLD to SHEEP. Again a finger tacks. This time it is a girl that display sometimes feministic twinkles.
‘Maybe you want to ask what we can do?’
She nods. Rex change the vertical lines to arrows which are pointed down.
‘We are with so many people. United they cannot do anything. Last Sunday I saw during that demonstration in Berlin a group of policeman complete surrounded by people. They where standing with the back to each other. A long time they, police and people looked at each other. Nothing happened. So strange. Suddenly a policeman started to move. The mass swerve to both sides and in a row the other policemen walked behind him. That is how they did it.’
On two places fingers are rising. Rex shakes intense his head.
‘Now all of you. You are the representatives of the world. You have to give an example. Like me: take away the symbol. At this moment you can make a choice. The longer you wait the longer the risk: it is all about freedom.’
He picks up his mouth cap, hold it short for his face and move it slowly down.
‘Sheep or human being, make you choice, now.’
The tension is at a high level.
Suddenly the most sporty boy in the group who is populair by most of the students pull away the mask. A moment later more students follow. Later the other ones also.
Rex takes a deep breath. He looks at the teacher. So the classmates do. The man smiles and moves his mouth cap down over his chin.
Under applause Rex cleans the blackboard and walks to his seat.