‘Lockups and down, quick laws, suddenly censure ship, extreme police actions, people all the time scared, we are living in a strange sort of war’, somebody said to me, ‘it looks like a cruel game.’
We agree but at the same time we were thinking different. He about the vaccinating, I about he measures.. Such a thing can easily happen when an enemy is invisible. Danger can be told and believed, changed suddenly or simply concretized in different ways. Like in a computergame: a certain danger can appear anytime from all sides.

As a child I played with other children a war game on the street. With chalk we choose a country and traced that. One of us started: I declare war……an enemy followed. The game could start. But after 9/11 the enemy is invisible: The first step on a road to a global fear that should grow step by step. The ultimate chance for people with power.

The official story of 9/11 could easily transfixed: it contained too much impossibilities. Many speculations followed. One of them was an inside job. But, wait a minute, why thinking such a thing? Attack your own citizens followed by making them as scared as possible? You have to trust your gouvernement because they will protect you! Although….looking back it is a fact that after that moment a huge war started. The people wanted to be free in the future.

Invisible. In the past we had a dessert at home called bluff from The Hague: the people in that city had a television antenna on the roof but no tv inside, they transported potatoes in a violin box. During a holiday job as a teenager a stationmaster told me that the message report master at post C meant that it was coffee time for him. And in a camping shop where I worked, a friendly customer put money in my hand with the words the rest is for you. Moments later I discovered that what he paid was not enough. Some people simply you cannot trust.

Media are crazy about playing withe emotions. Through pictures and texts, fear for example can be appealed. No matter if it is a dead body of a man on the street or a child on the beach that does not move. Nobody thinks directly that such a scene is directed to activate certain emotions. Like the bottomless vessel with stories about changing climate: never-ending chances to manipulate the audience! How younger the person who say that, the better. The media took off their critical coat. Because they will not attack their boss?

A long time ago our doctor – at that time one of the representatives of the power – loved ornamental fish. When he visited us he walked straight to the aquarium. After a while he asked: who is the patient? People are thinking in the first place at themselves. Also politicians. They are playing invisible games. They want always the best for the people! But how do we know what is behind the friendly faces whem the media just say what they order to say?

Sometimes I imagine somewhere an invisible headquarter with a huge world map on a wall: countries in code colors, which are changing all the time. Generals are bored, making jokes. They start a criminal game after they organized a strong foundation in the whole world. From time to time they are giving messages and orders to leaders in the countries in a function as captain, major, sergeant and so on. All this lower level people have to follow this orders because they signature for that tears ago at a united nations conference.

Years ago I visited with a friend the beaches in Normandy. We were looking at the mass graves from the allies as well as the Germans. We were impressed. All that young men. They did what they thought it was good for their country. Like players in a computergame. Never they got the chance to know each other, to embrace. As far as I know under the grass fields there was not one general between them. I have to think about a musical from the sixties: Oh what a lovely war!

Nowadays a little group has power over the world, they are extreme rich. It is speculate what they want. Complete controle over the population seem te be the most obvious target. Do they try to realize a programm that was developed a long time ago by the elite to reduce the world population? By very fast technical progress it is not difficult to realize yet. A traditional war is not longer necessary. In a clean way the population can be reduce by only pressing on buttons. Just building camps for citizens who do not want to listen to their orders seem te be enough.

Joop Brussee

August 2021