One day in the center of Amsterdam a young man walked straight to me: can I ask you something? He almost blocked my way on the street. I did not see a camera around us, shared my head. I understood what he wanted.
In these days I did research for a television program about sects and the danger when you wcame into it. One day I heard a storey of a young man who escaped out of such a cult just in time. Almost compare to the story written by Lewis Carroll and published in 1865: Alice in Wonderland.

When you step into a sect you have to give yourself in exchange for take care of you. Life will be easy. In my memory I saw a little group, barefoot and dressed in orange clothes with special haircuts. The members were singing all the time: Hare Krishna, hare, hare. They were living in a different world liberated from daily problems, were life is so good, full of love. Although, that was told to the young man on the street. He thought: it sounds like a walhalla. He had to believe everything they told him. Alice also because there was no other option.

The media created a worldwide sects of fear. They presented one way information with a high emotional impact. Everywhere in the world the same measures and slogans were heard about the new normal. Central controlled and the taget was a vaccin. Together with the media they order their collaborateurs everywhere that the noses of the people had to point into the same direction. Everybody should believe in a pandemic. That never was. People had to stay in fear till the mission was completed.

Wir haben es nicht gewusst. After the second world war we heard that from the Germans. I had my doubts about that. How could the population so easy step on the road of the nazi’s? I simply could not imagine that the mass could stand behind a shouting leader? But now, after one and a half year I slighly can. Any leader can get a message inside a persons brain: simpleor under pressure. Repeat is the secret. The media can keep that going on with emotional propaganda. Once on the road, the group pressure finished the proces. Alice got her fears directly from the outside animals and characters. Without media. So the young man. But they believed easy everthing the were told. People can easy be manipulated.

Alice constantly was surprised, could most of the time not believe what happened around her. On a certain moment because of the danger of a behead she run away in panic and was looking at herself, sleeping against a tree. At that moment all her fear from the nightmare dissolved. The same happened with the young man who escaped out of the sect. He could think like he did before. As a person, just before he was complete brainwashed.

Suppose, Alice should awake in our time, sitting in a field of sunpanels and windmills gainst a high electronic stick, in a one hand a mouthcap and in the other a cleaning spray, before her instructions how to live. What should she say? The forest is disappeared. Where is my tree? Do I still be in a dream? Is there somebody, somewhere to ask?

Joop Brussee

August 2021